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  • Please download the new version which fixes a critical bug from the previous release. Sorry for any inconvenience.Jun 01 2012
  • Version is released. This is a small release with some significant new features for plugins such as the new Visplane Explorer.May 31 2012
  • Released version See the website for all changes and fixes and the download link.Dec 04 2011
  • Released version which fixes some critical bugs and updates support for several features.Aug 30 2010
  • To keep everything in one place, the general discussion forum for DB moved to our own forums. Also Feature Request forums have been added.Aug 29 2010
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Doom Builder 2

Designed and programmed by
Pascal vd Heiden

With support from
Anders Åstrand
Boris Iwanski
Garry Fokke
Graf Zahl
Matthew McGee
Randy Heit
Robin Palmer

Tutorials by
Michael McEnery

Logo art by
Thomas van der Velden

Beta testers
Alexander Meyers
Andrey Budko
Benjamin Thatcher
Chiang-Hao Hsu
Daniel Gimmer
Gianluca Cilento
Huy Pham
Johannes Siipola
Jonathan Vestin
Kraig Alexander Culp
Michael Mancuso
Nash Muhandes
Owen Barnes
Stephen Finniss
Stephen Manring
Stephen McGranahan
Veronica de Jong
Xaser Acheron

Software used

SourceForge is an open source software host

SlimDX is a DirectX API for Microsoft .NET

DevIL is an image API library

And thanks to everyone who helped with other things, configuration bits and pieces, corrections and whatnot.